Smart Contracts & Tokenisation on

Bitcoin Layer 1 and Lightning Layer 2

Scalable dev tools & products
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We developed the Simple Contract Language protocol to help Bitcoin break free

Introducing a new layer built for scale

Layer1 brought us security and trust. Layer 2 introduced speed and scale. SCL combines the best of Layer 1 & 2 and introduces a new world of DApp opportunity.

Dogecoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dash / BitcoinSV / Litecoin / Zcash Bitcoin / Dogecoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dash / BitcoinSV / Litecoin / Zcash Bitcoin / Dogecoin
Bitcoin / Dogecoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dash / BitcoinSV / Litecoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dash / BitcoinSV / Litecoin / Zcash Bitcoin / Dash / BitcoinSV / Litecoin
Dark Fusion is a major advancement in dApp and Token development on the Bitcoin network

Dark Fusion is a new decentralised application development standard using a proprietary UTxO-based contract execution framework it calls Simple Contract Language (SCL). It is designed for use on top of a both Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions (such as Lightning Network) over a UTxO-capable chain (such as Bitcoin).

Using SCL we have developed the SCL Token Standard, enabling developers to quickly deploy tokens on the Bitcoin network, the Fusion1 Wallet to easily manage these tokens, the Fusion1 Trade enabling users to trade these tokens, and the Fusion1 Explorer to easily view and track transactions - all on the Bitcoin protocol.


Multi Layer smart contracts on Bitcoin and other UTxO based chains.


A Proprietary wallet to transact with SCL tokens


A Decentralized Exchange running on the Bitcoin blockchain


A Block explorer to view and track transactions on Dark Fusion

Full BTC Web Wallet

Mint your tokens
Send & Receive
Bid & List

Decentralized Exchange

We have used Simple Contract Language to facilitate the creation of a fully decentralized layer-one AND Layer-two exchange

No Escrow
Instant Transactions
Fees as Low as $0.0002

Block Explorer

The Fusion Explorer is a block and contract explorer for SCL contracts running on Bitcoin.


Explore SCL contracts by wallet address, transaction hash or UTXO


BTC blocks, transactions and wallet addresses


Lightning fast and accurate

Introducing SCL

Simple Smart Contract Modeling Language

SCL is the first smart contract modeling language that is UTxO chain and layer-agnostic. Think of it as a Smart Contract as a Service, where the coding standard and framework can be deployed on nearly any UTxO based distributed ledger technology, with a focus on the Bitcoin network (both Layer 1 & Layer 2).

We disrupt the paradigm where smart contracts are pre-packaged products of a distributed ledger by decoupling this technology from a native blockchain solution and offering it as a standalone framework.

With SCL, we can tokenise assets and smart contract-compatible tokenised assets on the BTC lightning network.

Thanks to Lightning Network HTLC cryptography, SCL assets inherit the network's impressive scaling capabilities, rapid transaction speeds, and cost-efficiency.

SCL Tokens

SCL facilitates the minting of easily transferable tokens on any UTXO based blockchain. Token validity can be independently verified.

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Through our Fusion Web Wallet plugin, we facilitate the minting of SCL tokens that are able to be sent, received and traded through the wallet.

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Scaling & Efficiency

SCL provides a scaling token solution while maintaining sovereignty of assets. By binding to UTXOs and provisioning for transaction batching, participants can maintain control of their keys and coins, while transacting much more efficiently.

This applies equally to transferring assets into lightning channels, where scalability and speed are adopted further, and the same fee reduction is experienced.

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SCL allows for hyper-dynamic transacting. Through clever UTXO management, pay multiple peers in one swoop, cutting transaction fees and reducing the amount of unspent Bitcoin in your wallet.

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No need to learn a new language.

Build with familiar coding languages that suit you.

SCL allows users to choose which coding language suits them best and doesn’t put any unnecessary barriers to entry on creating smart contracts.

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Developer tools


RESTful APIs for SCL contracts hosted on our Blockchain as a Service platform.

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Unity SDK

Unity SDK with SCL, Lightning Network and byte streaming built in.

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Unreal Engine SDK

Unreal Engine SDK with SCL, Lightning Network and byte streaming built in.

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Blockchain as a Service

Simple Contract Minting Service

Contract Hosting Services

Web Based IDE